‘The View’ co-host: Teens yelled N-word at me during Fourth of July vacation

A co-host of the "The View" said Monday that a group of about 20 kids ran in front of her family's home on the Fourth of July and started shouting the N-word at them. 

Sunny Hostin recounted the story while a panel of hosts went through the cycle of recent incidents that have involved people profiling or discriminating against African-Americans. Hostin then said that on July 4, while her family was staying at a beachfront property in a largely African-American community, a group of teenagers "started yelling the N-word" at us. 

In addition, Hostin said that the teens yelled things like "this is America, this is our holiday." 


A corresponding clip shows Hostin and her family confronting teens who they thought may have targeted them, asking "Were you the ones yelling the N-word?"

"They were someone else," someone responds. 

Hostin tells the teens that what happened is "harassment," and says later that she filed a police report. 

"The African-American community does have this feeling on July 4th because African-Americans weren’t emancipated on July 4th," Hostin said, adding that the community she stays in during the holiday is a place of pride for black Americans. "This area is supposed to be a place of pride. They targeted us specifically because of that community. They came from outside of the area."

Hostin's experience comes as increasing incidents of racial profiling go viral on social media.

Last week, a white man called police on a black woman and her son because he wanted to verify they had the right to access a public pool in North Carolina. The man was later fired from his job.

And in June, it was reported that someone called the cops on a 12-year-old African-American boy for cutting grass.