Former 'Today' host Tamron Hall signs deal for ABC daytime talk show

Former 'Today' host Tamron Hall signs deal for ABC daytime talk show
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Former "Today" host Tamron Hall is moving from NBC to ABC, where she is set to develop and host a daytime talk show that could potentially air as soon as 2019.

Hall said in a statement that she was "thrilled" to be joining the network after leaving "Today" last year, and she predicted her new venture would be both "raw" and "unconventional."


“I’m so thrilled to partner with Disney/ABC to create a daytime television show that’s unconventional, fun, intimate and sometimes even raw,” Hall's statement reads.

“My new partners appreciate and respect the relationship I’ve built with my audience and know that if we create television worth watching, they’ll join us for the ride. I’m so grateful and excited for this next chapter. The landing makes the leap of faith so worth it!” she added.

Hall was previously in talks with Dimension Television, once Weinstein Television, to develop a daytime talk show, though it was unclear if that relationship is ongoing following the surfacing of allegations of sexual assault and harassment surrounding Harvey Weinstein.

William Burton, ABC's chief of daytime television, touted Hall's "boundless enthusiasm" which he said would boost the network in the ratings battle against rivals NBC and CBS.

“We look forward to developing a daily destination showcasing her spirit, boundless enthusiasm and powerful ability to engage with viewers,” Burton said, adding that Hall's "wealth of experience and unique perspective is needed in today’s daytime landscape."

Hall, 46, was the first black woman to host "Today," which she previously co-hosted with Al Roker. NBC cleared that hour of programming last year to make room for former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who currently holds the third-hour host slot on the "Today."

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