Alex Jones’s lawyer seeks to make addresses of Sandy Hook parents public

Courtesy of Alex Jones

A lawyer for Infowars founder Alex Jones is seeking to make public the home addresses of parents who lost their children in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., according to a report.

Jones, who has spread conspiracy theories about the shooting including the claim that it was staged, is being sued by family members of the victims for defamation.

HuffPost, which obtained court filings in the case, reported Wednesday that Jones’s legal team is asking the judge to dismiss statements from the parents unless they provide their addresses and birth dates.

Attorney Mark Enoch, who is representing Jones in the defamation case, objected to the parents’ declarations, citing a Texas law that requires personal information be provided in such cases. 


“The declarations filed by Plaintiffs are neither affidavits nor are they proper declarations,” Enoch’s objection reads. 

In their declarations, the families suing Jones allege that his promotion of conspiracy theories over the shooting led to harassment.

Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa, the parents of a 6-year-old who was killed in the attack, say they have both been harassed by followers of Jones who claim the shooting is a hoax.

Pozner and De La Rosa went so far to purchase motion alarms for their separate homes and privacy protection software for their computers. 

“Sometimes I lie awake at night worrying that despite our efforts at security, a determined conspiracy fanatic might gain entry to our home,” De La Rosa said in her declaration, according to court papers.

Both parents say they have also paid for grief counseling because of the harassment. 

“Due to Mr. Jones’ broadcast, I have also suffered severe emotional distress and trauma which I cannot even begin to adequately describe,” Pozner said in his declaration. “No human being should ever be asked to suffer through the torment Mr. Jones carried out.”

The lawyer representing the parents called for Enoch to withdraw the objection, citing precedent in more than a dozen cases.

“There are obvious reasons why these Plaintiffs are extraordinarily hesitant about filing public documents containing their personal information, such as their address or date of birth, and they will not publish that information absent a legal obligation to do so,” Mark Bankston’s response said.

“Information such as date of birth, addresses, etc., have been used in the past by InfoWars followers to locate and harass the Plaintiffs,” he added.


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