Ex-Sheriff David Clarke describes how he would have stopped anti-fascists in 1930s Germany on 'Who is America'

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. told disguised comedian Sacha Baron Cohen that it is wrong to "take sides" between fascists and anti-fascists on the latest episode of Showtime's "Who is America?" 

In a portion of the episode, Cohen poses as his fictional Danish YouTube personality OMGWhizzboyOMG to discuss the Charlottesville, Va., rally and far-right and far-left protesters with Clarke.


“Let’s talk about the dangerous people who marched in Charlottesville, or as they’re called, antifa,” Cohen says as Whizzboy. “What are they like?”

“Antifa is an anarchist group,” Clarke replies. “They promote chaos. They come in — again, this is not protest. When you start trashing buildings—"

Cohen then has Clarke explain to Mackenzie Maple Donut, a donut figurine, why she shouldn't join antifa.
"Well, you don't want to pick sides," Clarke says. "Maple donut, do not join antifa. They support killing police officers for sport."
Cohen then asks Clarke what he would have done in 1930s Germany as the Nazis came to power. 

“So if you were the sheriff in the '30s in Germany, and the anti-fascists were marching, the antifa were marching, what would you have done to stop them?” Whizzboy asks.

“Well, you have to act aggressively,” Clarke says. “When I say that, you have to use force to disperse the crowd. You have to be willing to arrest people and take them to jail.”

Clarke is among a long list of public figures tricked into interviews with Cohen as part of the Showtime project. 

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