Chicago Tribune columnist's dog 'writes' op-ed slamming Trump: 'You are not being a good boy'

The Chicago Tribune on Wednesday ran an op-ed “written” by humor columnist Rex Huppke’s pet dog, Zoe, tearing into President TrumpDonald John TrumpRosenstein expected to leave DOJ next month: reports Allies wary of Shanahan's assurances with looming presence of Trump States file lawsuit seeking to block Trump's national emergency declaration MORE for using “dog” as an insult.

The op-ed, addressed to “Large Human President,” criticizes Trump for calling ex-White House aide Omarosa Manigault NewmanOmarosa Onee Manigault NewmanEx-White House aide Cliff Sims sues Trump NYT: White House says Trump's tan is the result of ‘good genes’ Former White House aide says he's not worried about lawsuit over tell-all book MORE a “dog,” which he did in a tweet on Tuesday.

“I do not usually pay attention to human politics,” Zoe wrote by "dictating" to Huppke. “I prefer more pleasant things like sniffing my friends’ butts or rolling on a dead bird in the backyard or eating things that will make me throw up.”

Zoe adds that Trump is “not being a good boy” by using “dog” to attack political opponents, and that it makes her “want to growl” at him.


“I think you are calling people dogs because you think that makes them less than human,” she writes. “My human says that’s something that 'fascists' do. I don’t know what that means, but it makes me think you are not being a good boy.”

The letter asked Trump to stop referring to humans as dogs and to “start realizing that humans and dogs are both great and deserve respect and lots and lots of Milk-Bones.”

She also adds that she hates “terrorist squirrels” and suggests that Trump deport them.

Trump has drawn accusations of racism and sexism from lawmakers and members of the media for his comment calling Manigault Newman a “dog.”

The former aide has made waves with her new book, in which she makes a series of claims about her time in the White House, including that a tape exists of the president using the N-word on the set of “The Apprentice,” which Trump denies.

PETA also weighed in, tweeting at Trump that dogs are “loyal and loving.”

“They make you want to be a better person,” the animal rights group wrote. “You should try it some time. It’s always a great time to adopt from a local shelter.”