Jim Sciutto named co-anchor of CNN mid-morning news program

Jim Sciutto named co-anchor of CNN mid-morning news program
© Courtesy CNN

CNN has named chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto as co-anchor of its mid-morning news program, "CNN Newsroom," the network said on Tuesday.

Sciutto, who served in the Obama-era State Department from 2011-2013 and earlier was ABC's senior foreign correspondent, will begin his new role on Sept. 17.


"Sciutto will bring his extensive experience covering the intelligence community, foreign policy, and the Department of Defense, including more than a decade as a foreign correspondent based overseas, to the New York-based program alongside [co-anchor Poppy] Harlow," CNN said. "Sciutto will remain as the network’s chief national security correspondent and will continue to serve as a fill-in anchor for several of the network’s news programs."

The opening comes after "New Day" co-anchor Chris Cuomo moved to primetime in June, which led to former "CNN Newsroom" co-anchor John Berman moving into Cuomo's earlier morning spot alongside co-anchor Alisyn Camerota.

CNN also announced that former ABC foreign correspondent Alex Marquardt will be re-joining CNN’s national security team as senior national correspondent.

Marquardt "spent most of the last decade as a foreign correspondent for ABC News based in Beirut, Jerusalem and Moscow," according to the network.

"He started his career as a political embed for CNN during the 2008 presidential election," it added.

Marquardt will be based in New York.