Avenatti to appear on Tucker Carlson show

Avenatti to appear on Tucker Carlson show
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Michael Avenatti says he will appear on Tucker Carlson's Fox News program on Thursday night in what promises to be an explosive confrontation between the two men who have traded verbal blows for months.

"Appearing live tonight with @TuckerCarlson at 8pm. Get your popcorn ready," Avenatti told his more than 728,000 Twitter followers on Thursday afternoon.
Carlson, an opinion host on the network, has referred to Avenatti as "the creepy porn lawyer." 

On Wednesday night, Carlson and Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce teed off on Avenatti regarding his Wednesday appearance on ABC's "The View" alongside Daniels. 

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, argued on the roundtable talk show that President TrumpDonald TrumpUN meeting with US, France canceled over scheduling issue Trump sues NYT, Mary Trump over story on tax history McConnell, Shelby offer government funding bill without debt ceiling MORE was debasing the presidency in an appearance to promote her new book due out next month. The tell-all is expected to discuss her career as an adult film star and her alleged affair with Trump more than a decade ago.

"They gave three segments of their show to a newly-minted political pundit who has spent her career having sex with strangers for money," Carlson said Wednesday night after playing clips from the program. "Along for the ride was her creepy porn lawyer who, even by his own low standards – and we know a lot about it – was especially creepy today."

"We usually have a word for men who encourage women to sell themselves for sex," Bruce said later in the segment, in reference to Avenatti. 

Avenatti responded by asking Carlson if he ever viewed pornography on Twitter.

"Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson @TuckerCarlson: Do you truly expect people to believe that you have never viewed porn? When is the last time you viewed porn? You demean my client and me because of her profession, meanwhile you are an absolute hypocrite. Nobody likes a hypocrite," he wrote.
Avenatti in an interview with The Hill dismissed Carlson's nickname for him while pivoting to the president. 
"He’s been calling me that for months. I noticed that he doesn’t call his president the 'creepy porn president,' when Donald Trump is the one that had unprotected sex with my client four months after the birth of his son. I find that rather ironic," he said.

Avenatti appears on CNN and MSNBC on a regular basis, but has avoided Fox News for the most part. 
The last time the 47-year-old was supposed to appear on a Fox show, "The Story with Martha MacCallum" in April, he canceled, citing a scheduling conflict. He has only appeared on the network once, with "Fox News at Night" anchor Shannon Bream. 

Carlson tweeted late Thursday afternoon that Avenatti will appear but notably didn't refer to his guest by name.

"The lawyer for Stormy Daniels has finally accepted our invitation for an interview. Glad to have him. Tonight at 8 PM ET," Carlson wrote.

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