Mother who backs Trump says men groping women is 'no big deal' in MSNBC interview

Mother who backs Trump says men groping women is 'no big deal' in MSNBC interview
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Video of a mother of two daughters saying in an MSNBC interview that "groping a woman" is "not a big deal" is going viral.

The woman, who MSNBC identifies as a Trump supporter, makes the comments in answering a question about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who is to testify on Thursday about allegations he groped a woman and sought to remove her clothes during a party when the two were high schoolers.


“Groping a woman? What is that at 18? I mean, how many guys, you know, think that's no big deal,” she said, motioning toward two women that reporter Caleb Ecarma in a tweet identifies as her two daughters. One is wearing a "Make American Great" Trump T-shirt. 

 “Yeah,” one of her daughters says, nodding her head in agreement.

“It’s not a big deal,” the woman continued. “It doesn’t take away from his character and his job to do what he needs to do as a Supreme Court nominee.” 

The woman, who was not identified by name by MSNBC, then said the opposition to Kavanaugh from the left was the result of Kavanaugh's possible opposition to abortion rather than questions about his background.

“If he was pro-abortion, the liberals wouldn’t be fighting this hard,” she said.

“We’re all sick and tired of hearing about the Kavanagh thing because it’s not supported by facts or evidence whatsoever,” she added.

A recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found that a majority of Republicans say they believe Kavanaugh should be confirmed regardless of whether allegations against the judge are true.

So far, Kavanaugh is facing five allegations of sexual misconduct, each of which he has denied.

Trump has also pushed back on allegations against Kavanaugh and on Wednesday called the judge "one of the highest-quality people I've ever met” during a press conference.