John Oliver on Kavanaugh: Why is this a--hole ‘the hill that conservatives are willing to die on?'

HBO's John Oliver on Sunday dedicated his entire weekly program to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's Senate testimony from last week, asking at one point, “Why is this particular asshole the hill that conservatives are willing to die on?”

"The Last Week Tonight" host called Kavanaugh's remarks before the Judiciary Committee last Thursday, "positively Trumpian," saying they came from a person who is too partisan to sit on the Supreme Court.


Kavanaugh “all but came out and said he’s going to approach his entire tenure as one giant case of “me vs the f---ing libtard cucks,” said Oliver before adding, "Why this particular asshole? Why is he the hill Republicans are willing to die on?”

He went on to call the nominee an “unhinged partisan” and pointed to the multiple sexual misconduct charges that Kavanaugh is facing as a sign that Republicans are going through with this “just to deliver a ‘f--- you’ to Democrats.”

"You don't need to choose an unhinged partisan with a multiple accusations of sexual misconduct hanging over him,” Oliver said. “So it feels like they're doing this just to deliver a 'f--- you' to Democrats, and even more directly, a 'f--- you' to women."

Oliver, a frequent critic of the Trump administration, also mocked Kavanaugh as being too emotional to sit on the Supreme Court. He played a clip of Kavanaugh getting emotional while recalling working out at a friend's house in high school.

"He's crying at the memory of lifting weights at his friend Tobin's house. I hate to say it, but I’m starting to think that men might be too emotional for the Supreme Court," joked Oliver, adding, "Also, he’d be really pretty if he just smiled more."

The commentary comes as the Supreme Court kicked off its new term Monday morning with only eight sitting judges as a vote on Kavanaugh's possible confirmation has been delayed until an FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against him concludes.