New Yorker media critic: CNN has gone from 'we cover the world' to 'all-Trump' network

New Yorker media critic: CNN has gone from 'we cover the world' to 'all-Trump' network
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New Yorker's media critic Ken Auletta slammed CNN during a panel discussion in New York on Friday, arguing that "from four o’clock to eleven o’clock at night – it’s the all Trump network." 

The perspective comes days after CNN founder Ted Turner told CBS News that he believed the network "is sticking with politics a little too much,” while stating it would be served better by "a more balanced agenda."  

Auletta's comments at the Advertising Week New York conference in Manhattan were first flagged by Mediaite. 

"CNN has for years claimed that its brand was ‘we cover the world’, and in fact you have more reporters around the world than any other television network, certainly in the U.S.,” Auletta said.
“Maybe the BBC exceeds you, but nevertheless it’s one of their strengths.”

“But yet, if you watch CNN from four o’clock to eleven o’clock at night, it’s the all Trump network," he added before asking, "And… what happened?”

“I mean, I get more news about the Middle East on [Fox News anchor] Bret Baier at six o’clock than I do at CNN,” Auletta, who has been with the New Yorker for more than 25 years, also noted. 
The New Yorker media critic was directing his comments at fellow panelist CNN's Christine Romans, who then responded to Auletta.

"I think the historic nature of the presidency is important here, right, and I mean it really is,” said Romans. "What’s happening in Washington is just seismic."

“I’m on in the early morning, so I’m on when Europe is up and I’m doing a lot of that kind of stuff early in the morning,” Romans, who primarily covers financial news as the network's Chief Business Correspondent, continued. “But in prime time, you’re right, it's..."

Auletta interrupted saying “Not just prime time," before adding that "you get very little sense of the rest of the world” during the afternoon programming.

Romans then directed Auletta to CNN International if he wanted more international news before underscoring her point about why the network's heavy Trump coverage was justified. 

“I just think that the Trump phenomena is the story right now,” Romans reiterated. "It just is.”  
CNN is often attacked by the president at rallies and on Twitter as "fake news." 

“CNN’s fake news, I don’t take questions from CNN," Trump said in June at a press conference in Poland.
The president has not appeared on the network since August 2016.