C-SPAN caller to Donna Brazile: I hope all Republicans 'burn in hell’

C-SPAN caller to Donna Brazile: I hope all Republicans 'burn in hell’
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A C-SPAN caller told "Washington Journal" guest Donna Brazile that she hates and despises Republicans and hopes "they go now and burn in hell” during a segment Tuesday morning. 

Brazile, a former CNN political analyst and interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman, joined the call-in show in-studio to discuss the upcoming midterm elections, which many political analysts and pollsters believe could put the House back in Democratic control for the first time in eight years. 

“From our independent line, a caller from Georgia, Carol. Hello, you’re on with Donna Brazile," host Pedro Echevarria said introducing the call. 


"Good morning, Donna," the Georgia caller said to Brazile. “I love you and I think that you are on spot. We as African-American women, I have been out canvassing, I got 500 people that I have registered that are going to vote Democratic this year." 

"We have a Klansman who’s walking around, threatening things to African-Americans, drawing guns. He is just like that Klansman, the head of the clan that occupies the White House," she continued. "He is not only a groper of women, he is a murderer. I wouldn’t vote for a Republican if God came down sitting in the middle of me. I hate and despise them and I hope they go now and burn in hell.”

“Well, Carol, we know how you feel," Brazile replied. "First of all, Dr. [Martin Luther] King once said, ‘Let no man, no person bring you so low as to hate them.’ So, I don’t hate anyone. I try to practice what I preach. It is difficult, I know, at times to disagree with someone without becoming what I call petty and hateful." 

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Both sides increasingly see the midterms "very important.”

An Oct. 3 NPR poll taken after the testimonies of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford showed a 10-point difference between the number of Democrats and Republicans saying the November elections were "very important." NPR's most recent poll has that number down to two points, a statistical dead heat.

Overall, 80 percent of Republicans deem the midterms "important," a 12-point jump from July when only 68 percent felt that way. On the Democratic side, 82 percent say the elections in November are important, a 4-point jump since July.