CNN's Harlow thanks Fox's Regan for 'standing up for the free press' after bomb scare

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow on Wednesday thanked rival Fox Business Network host Trish Regan for her support and "standing up for the free press" after Regan called Harlow and co-anchor Jim Scuitto "the utmost professionals" in how they reported their situation when CNN's New York bureau was evacuated following a bomb scare.

Regan, who called herself a frequent critic of CNN, said that Harlow and Scuitto's reporting was "what reporters do" and said that she commended the pair for "calmly and admirably doing their jobs."

"This is a very, very sad night for the country," Regan said on her show "Trish Regan Primetime."


"I want to point out that no journalist should have to experience what those anchors on CNN went through earlier today," said Regan on her Fox Business program. "As you all know, I am a frequent critic of that network and some of the things its anchors do, but today, Jim and Poppy were the utmost professionals."

"The anchors left the set and went straight to the streets where they continued to report as authorities cleared the whole area. This is what reporters do," Regan continued. "This is what we are here to do — it is what we are trained to do and what we are meant to do. We bring you news even in the face of severe danger. So I commend my fellow journalists at our rival network for calmly and for admirably doing their jobs."

Harlow responded on Twitter thanking Regan for the sentiment.

"Thank you for your support and for standing up for the free press tonight," wrote Harlow.


On Wednesday morning at Time Warner Center in New York City, CNN quickly cut out of a live broadcast after an alarm went off. The building was evacuated upon discovery of a bomb mailed to former CIA Director John BrennanJohn Owen BrennanGraham postpones Russia probe subpoena vote as tensions boil over GOP votes to give chairman authority to subpoena Obama officials Rosenstein takes fire from Republicans in heated testimony MORE, who actually works for NBC and MSNBC as a senior intelligence analyst.

Local police were called to the building to investigate a suspicious package and CNN and other companies had to evacuate the building.

"CNN Newsroom" anchors Harlow and Sciutto continued to broadcast from the street a short time later on their cellphones.

CNN was just one of numerous targets in a string of attempted bomb attacks sent to leading Democrats, actors and the news network.