Ex-CNN contributor McEnany: Network 'absolutely shameful' to blame Trump for synagogue massacre

Ex-CNN contributor McEnany: Network 'absolutely shameful' to blame Trump for synagogue massacre
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Republican National Committee (RNC) spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany ripped CNN, her former network, on Tuesday for being “absolutely shameful” for what she perceives as the network blaming President TrumpDonald John TrumpTwitter CEO: 'Not true' that removing Trump campaign video was illegal, as president has claimed Biden formally clinches Democratic presidential nomination Barr says he didn't give 'tactical' command to clear Lafayette protesters MORE for Saturday's mass shooting at a Pittsburgh-area synagogue.

The comments from McEnany, a former CNN contributor before joining the RNC in 2017, came during a debate segment on “Fox & Friends” with Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov. 

Tarlov was asked by host Brian Kilmeade “if the mail bombings and the horrific shootings at the synagogue, the reactions and the retorts and the president” will play a role in the midterm elections one week from Tuesday. 


“I think it will mobilize voters, I think probably on both sides,” Tarlov said. “The Republicans feeling the president is attacked and the Democrats feeling like this president has given a completely inaccurate response.”

McEnany called the “knee-jerk” reaction to blame Trump “despicable.” 

She noted criticism that Robert Gregory Bowers, the suspect arrested in the synagogue shooting, had made comments critical of Trump on social media. Bowers, in addition to numerous other anti-Semitic tweets, wrote in on post that Trump was a “globalist” and not a “nationalist.” In others, he suggested the president has surrounded himself with two many Jewish people.

“What CNN did blaming the president of the United States and then in the wake of this horrific tragedy this weekend to blame the president yet again, nevertheless the shooter was an anti-Trump individual, he did not support the president. It was a horrific tragedy and to blame the president is absolutely shameful,” McEnany said. 

Bowers also criticized the caravan of migrants seeking to reach the U.S. border as invaders and blamed Jewish groups for organizing it and helping the migrants.

Trump has also criticized the caravan of migrants moving through Mexico toward the U.S. border in recent weeks.

Tarlov in response to McEnany said that people feel the Trump administration has offered implicit support for white nationalists.

“It’s a culture and an administration that people feel has fostered and supported white supremacists," Tarlov retorted. 

McEnany replied that Trump has repeatedly denounced white supremacy.

“That would be false. [Trump] has denounced it more times than Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonBiden: Probably '10 to 15 percent' of Americans 'are just not very good people' Mattis's Trump broadside underscores military tensions Mark Cuban says he's decided not to run for president MORE has," she said.

“I think we both agree, to call the president anti-Semitic, there is no there there," injected host Brian Kilmeade. 

“That’s a whole other segment we can do. I understand that he has Jewish family, obviously," Tarlov noted. “But there are people in this administration who have been close to him on the campaign trail who have been less than peachy on this issue.”

“Democrats tried in 2016. This playbook didn’t work. It’s not going to work this year either," McEnany predicted. 

Trump is set to visit Pittsburgh on Tuesday.