Hannity: Most of media 'absolutely clueless' on Trump's 'massive win'

Hannity: Most of media 'absolutely clueless' on Trump's 'massive win'
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Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday called most of the media “clueless” while dismissing the new Democratic majority in the House as “meaningless.” 

The host declared that President TrumpDonald John TrumpWith VP pick, Biden can't play small ball in a long ball world Coronavirus hits defense contractor jobs Wake up America, your country doesn't value your life MORE scored a “massive win” in the midterm elections while noting the massive losses former President Obama and former President Clinton suffered in their first midterm elections.

"MOST in the media are absolutely clueless," Hannity tweeted to his more than 3.8 million followers. "Tonight was a massive win [for Trump] and [the people] he campaigned [for]-remember [between] the House & Senate, Obama lost 69 seats, Clinton lost 60 seats."


"The Democrats winning the house is meaningless," he added. "Stay tuned for my analysis on radio & TV. Great night." 

Democrats had picked up 27 seats as of early Wednesday morning, with a number of other races still too close to call. The party needed 23 seats to gain a majority in the House for the first time since 2010.

Since 1918, the party in power has lost an average of 29 seats, with the president's party losing seats in 18 of the last 20 midterm elections.

Due to what appears to be a net gain of anywhere from two to four seats in the Senate, the Republicans will strengthen their majority in the upper chamber.

Trump tweeted Tuesday that he was happy with the overall results.

"Tremendous success tonight Thank you all!" Trump wrote to his more than 55 million Twitter followers late Tuesday night.

Trump also thanked those who worked with him during what he described as a "very big win" while under pressure from "a nasty and hostile media."