Trevor Noah on Florida: Snipes 'screwup has definitely affected' Senate results

Trevor Noah on Florida: Snipes 'screwup has definitely affected' Senate results

Comedy Central's Trevor Noah declared that Broward County Elections supervisor Brenda Snipes is part of a "cluster----" that has led to Florida's elections results for the Senate being in a state of turmoil, adding that Snipes has done "a great job of screwing up people’s votes" during his Daily Show monologue on Tuesday night.

“All over Florida the elections have been a cluster----, and everyone is contributing to it, starting with Brenda Snipes," Noah began. "She’s the election commissioner in Broward County, who has been doing a great job of screwing up people’s votes.”


"Brenda Snipes is feeling heat from all sides," Noah continued. "Her office sent out this sample ballot, which looks nothing like the actual ballot, and the actual ballot had the U.S. Senate race tucked under the instructions on the left side, which could be why roughly 20,000 voters left the pivotal race blank."

"There have been blunders, gaffs, boo-boos," he continued. "But thanks to Brenda Snipes, 20,000 voters didn’t even vote in the Florida Senate race on their ballots. And remember, the margin in signature at 12,000 votes, so this would have changed it. So Brenda’s screwup has definitely affected Florida's Senate results."

Noah also chided Florida voters for not checking their voting forms to vote in the Senate race.

"But I will say even if the Senate ballot was in a weird place on a form, how as a voter are you leaving that voting booth without voting for the main thing? What kind of person doesn’t check their voting form?” the host asked.

Recounts are taking in place in Florida in races for governor and the Senate. 

The race for the Senate is particularly tight, with Gov. Rick Scott (R) leading Sen. Bill NelsonClarence (Bill) William NelsonSenate Democrats want to avoid Kavanaugh 2.0 Democrats sound alarm on possible election chaos Trump, facing trouble in Florida, goes all in MORE (D) by less than 13,000 votes.

Republicans have repeatedly targeted Snipes with criticism. 

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the Republican who appointed Snipes to her position in 2003, called for her to resign on Tuesday.


Snipes later pushed back at Bush.

"If that is Jeb Bush’s opinion, there’s nothing I can do about that," Snipes told reporters at a Tuesday press conference. "That’s his opinion."

"Jeb Bush did put me in this position, and that was following the removal of another black woman," she said in reference to her predecessor, Miriam Oliphant.