Laura Ingraham: Dems 'are all going to have to kiss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's ring'

Laura Ingraham on Thursday declared that Democratic lawmakers "are all going to have to kiss Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-CortezMichelle Obama weighs in on Trump, 'Squad' feud: 'Not my America or your America. It's our America' Trump steps up attacks on 'Squad' Trump says he doesn't care if attacks on 'Squad' hurt him politically MORE's ring" due to what the Fox News host says is the party's move to the left and the freshman congresswoman leading that effort.

“The [Democratic] base that we pointed out last night, it's moving everybody to the left," said Ingraham. "You have a few moderates, Steny HoyerSteny Hamilton HoyerThe House Democrats who voted to kill impeachment effort Overnight Defense: House votes to block Trump arms sales to Saudis, setting up likely veto | US officially kicks Turkey out of F-35 program | Pentagon sending 2,100 more troops to border House votes to block Trump's Saudi arms sale MORE and a few others, but not many. They are all going to have to kiss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's ring. In one way or another, they're going to kiss the ring, and she's only been in town for seven days. That's pretty amazing."

The comments from Ingraham, who once served as a speechwriter for President Reagan and a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, comes one night after she complimented the New York lawmaker for her effectiveness in taking on the party establishment.

"I said at the very beginning, really impressive that she goes from being, you know, she was working in a coffee shop. You know, fairly modest means. And she takes on this fairly liberal ... Congressman [Joesph] Crowley, third in leadership in the Democratic Party, and she just organizes the heck out of it and rolls right over him," she said Wednesday while speaking to Democratic strategist Monique Pressley during a panel segment.

"I kind of like the fact, she's like, 'You guys lost to Trump. I'm going to help take this party in a new direction.' I kind of admire that.”

Ingraham noted that her program has tried to book Ocasio-Cortez for an interview "but haven't heard back," before cautioning conservatives about ridiculing the 29-year-old congresswoman.

“We called her, we tried to get in touch with her but haven't heard back. Would love to have you on, we'd have a good conversation, actually, but I don't think it's smart for conservatives to kind of ridicule her, really, or to write her off as some anomaly. I don't think so.”