Tucker Carlson: ‘Identity politics will destroy this country faster than a foreign invasion’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson declared Wednesday night that "identity politics will destroy this country faster than a foreign invasion."
Carlson made the comments during a monologue on his program that focused on the media firestorm surrounding students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky and Native American activist Nathan Phillips.
The story has received ample coverage, particularly on cable news, with President TrumpDonald John TrumpDavid Axelrod after Ginsburg cancer treatment: Supreme Court vacancy could 'tear this country apart' EU says it will 'respond in kind' if US slaps tariffs on France Ginsburg again leaves Supreme Court with an uncertain future MORE using initial press coverage of the filmed exchange in front of the Lincoln Memorial last week to bash "fake news." 
A viral video clip appeared to show a student wearing Trump's "Make America Great Again" cap, later identified as Nick Sandmann, in some kind of confrontation with Phillips, with dozens of boys seemingly mocking the activist while he continued to beat a drum and sing.
Subsequent videos suggested the initial clip was selectively edited and shown out of context, however, and that the meeting was hardly confrontational, leading to heavy criticism of media outlets for running with the story based on the original video. 
Carlson led his program Wednesday night by sharing a broader perspective on political battles over identity, arguing it is "a disaster that lasts for generations."
"Once people start believing that some groups are inherently inferior to other groups, they have more privilege," Carlson said. "'They shouldn’t be allowed to stand in public. There is something about their faces we don’t like.' When people start thinking that, the whole project falls apart."

“People start hating each other. And not hating each other for their opinions, we could fix that," he added. "People’s views evolve over time. Political divisions can heal and often do. But, fights over identity do not." 

"They are different. Identity does not change. It cannot be moderated or controlled. It’s inherent. We’re born that way. When we go to war over who we are, it is a permanent battle," Carlson continued. "It is a disaster that lasts for generations." 

"Identity politics will destroy this country faster than a foreign invasion," the host concluded. "You should know that as you listen to them push it relentlessly, as they will obviously do."