Former CBS correspondent calls media reliance on anonymous sources 'absolute horses---'

Former CBS "60 Minutes" correspondent Lara Logan lashed out at the media in a recent interview, calling reporters “propagandists” and “political activists” while saying she thinks reporters' reliance on anonymous sources is "absolute horses---.'

She added in a podcast posted Friday with former Navy Seal Mike Ritland that she thinks the media is “mostly liberal” while saying doing the interview amounted to “professional suicide” for her.


“The media everywhere is mostly liberal,” Logan, who has worked in journalism for three decades, argued. "Most journalists are left or liberal or Democrat or whatever word you want to give it."

“I mean, you read one story or another and hear it and it’s all based on one anonymous administration official, former administration official,” Logan continued. “That’s not journalism. That’s horses–--. Sorry. That is absolute horses–--.”

Logan continued by citing former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson's recent comments that the paper's story selection had made the publication "anti-Trump." 

“Although the media has always been — historically always been left-leaning, we’ve abandoned our pretense, or at least the effort, to be objective today," Logan said.

"That means we’ve become political activists in a sense and, some could argue, propagandists — and there’s some merit to that," Logan said. "This is the kind of interview that is like professional suicide for me."

Logan was named a full-time correspondent for CBS in 2002. The two-time Edward R. Murrow award-winner's role with CBS ended last year.

She was embroiled in controversy in 2013 after she and her producer, Max McClennan, were asked to take a leave of absence after an internal network review of the “60 Minutes” story they did on the U.S. Embassy attacks in Benghazi, citing it was  "deficient in several respects."

She eventually returned, but only in a limited capacity for the top-rated broadcast news magazine.