Fox’s Napolitano: Cohen testimony included ‘at least four potential felonies’ against Trump

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano said Wednesday that President Trump faces “at least four potential felonies” if Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress is found to be truthful. 

“If Cohen is being truthful and if the government can corroborate what he said today, there’s at least four potential felonies of which he has accused the President of the United States,” Napolitano said of Trump’s former lawyer on Fox News. “Those are big ifs.”

{mosads}Napolitano said that Cohen painted a “potentially grave picture” during his hours-long testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday. 

Cohen, who was sentenced to prison last year after pleading guilty to financial crimes, campaign finance violations and lying to Congress, accused Trump of playing a role in multiple crimes.

Trump’s former longtime lawyer and “fixer,” claimed during his testimony that Trump knew Roger Stone, a former informal adviser to the president, was in contact with WikiLeaks about the release of damaging Democratic emails ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

“If the conversation [Cohen] says he overheard with Roger Stone is true, then the president lied under oath, because the president swore to the accuracy of his answers to the written questions from [special counsel Robert Mueller], one of which was: ‘Did you speak to Roger Stone about Julian Assange?’ Answer: No,” Napolitano said.

“If what Michael Cohen says is true, that the president knew about the meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower in June 2016, then he lied under oath, because he told Bob Mueller he didn’t know about it,” he added.

Napolitano acknowledged that some of the claims need corroborating evidence, highlighting the accusation Cohen made about Trump’s reported involvement in a hush money payment to adult-film star Stormy Daniels, who alleges she had an affair with the president.

Cohen provided Congress with a copy of a $35,000 check from August 2017 he says was from Trump. He said that the money was a partial reimbursement for the payment he made to Daniels as part of the hush money deal. 

“In one case there is corroborating evidence, and that is the payments by Trump signed while he was president to Michael Cohen, showing a debt from the president to Cohen,” Napolitano said. “The president swore in his financial statements filed with the Department of the Treasury he didn’t have any debts with Cohen.

“And two months after he swore to the accuracy of that, he starts writing checks of $35,000 a month to Cohen,” Napolitano said. “That extends the conspiracy to defraud the Federal Election Commission of accurate campaign information into the president’s presidency.”

Cohen’s testimony on Wednesday was marked by several heated confrontations. Several Republican lawmakers dismissed Cohen’s credibility, pointing to his prior admission that he made false statements to Congress.  

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