Tucker Carlson scraps studio plans near vacation home, cites 'violation of privacy'

Tucker Carlson scraps studio plans near vacation home, cites 'violation of privacy'
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson has reportedly scrapped plans to build a small studio near his vacation home in Maine after a local newspaper published details about the effort.

The Sun Journal reported Carlson was planning on renovating a garage in the town of Bryant Pond to allow for a small studio, with space for an audience, near his vacation home.


Carlson said he can no longer build the studio due to a “a total violation of my privacy” caused by the news outlet reporting on his plans.

“I can’t have the building now,” Carlson told the newspaper. “I’m kind of crushed.”

Carlson has already been renting space in the town library's basement so that he can go on air in a studio that he calls “the northernmost bureau of Fox News.” The garage he sought for the new studio is next door to the library, according to the Sun Journal.

In a letter requesting to buy the garage from the town, Carlson said he would “be responsible for buying and repairing the building” and Fox would then install an “advanced, broadcast-level studio,” with enough space for a small audience.

Carlson reportedly offered to buy the unused space for $30,000.

He told the local paper he can no longer do so because Fox News will not risk having a million dollars worth of camera equipment in a small town studio with residents knowing the location of it.

“I’m kind of bitter about it,” Carlson said. “All it does is hurt me.”

Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Voters were set to decide on whether the town would accept Carlson’s offer to buy the garage at a meeting on Monday.

Carlson said he had been vacationing in the small, rural western Maine town for years before he became a prominent television news host.

Remote studio locations have become increasingly common in recent years.

Several other television hosts, including Bret Baier and Sean Hannity at Fox News, have home studios.

Carlson occasionally broadcasts his show from the basement of the library in Maine, a 10-by-20-foot space he reportedly rents for $2,500 a year.

He said he wanted a bigger space to potentially host an audience and as a space for “local people to gather.”