South Dakota TV station cancels broadcasts amid flooding

South Dakota TV station cancels broadcasts amid flooding
© Twitter: KDLT News

A South Dakota NBC affiliate tweeted Thursday that it would suspend its normal nightly newscast due to intense flooding that had surrounded the station's headquarters.

Video posted on Twitter by KDLT shows roads and parking lots leading up to the news station in Sioux Falls flooded even as snow from a recent storm still remains on grassy areas.

In the video, KDLT's Tom Hanson can be heard explaining where the TV station is located in the distance as the camera pans over a large amount of water covering what appears to be a road and the parking lot to a strip mall.


The station's general manager told the Argus Leader that the building was completely surrounded by high water. Several employees reportedly made it in to the building by wearing waders, but general manager Katie Haffeman said bringing enough employees inside to host regular broadcasts would be impossible.

"We're surrounded by water," Haffeman told the newspaper. "We can't get staff in and out of the building ... it's not safe."

The NBC affiliate regularly broadcasts three nightly weekday news shows at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 10 p.m. local time, according to the Argus Leader. 

The Weather Channel reports that southeastern areas of South Dakota, along with Nebraska and parts of Iowa, are experiencing flooding as a result in part due to extreme cold temperatures in February.