Sinclair expected to shutter general interest site Circa

Sinclair Broadcast Group announced Tuesday it is shutting down its general interest website Circa. 

“For three years, Circa.com has provided unique video storytelling that has yielded a committed audience, national awards and numerous innovations for Sinclair’s wider digital efforts. So, it is with great sadness that we announce today that, after deep consideration, we will be closing Circa.com,” Sinclair said in a statement.

“This was an extremely difficult decision, and we remain grateful to our talented team for their incredible work and dedication to our mission,” they wrote.

Circa's shuttering was first reported by The Washington Post's Erik Wemple.


The right-leaning broadcasting company reportedly said that as a smaller publisher it could not compete with larger outlets as the digital media sphere continues to evolve.

“The digital space continues to change rapidly, and even larger outlets have faced significant challenges. As a smaller publisher, the environment is even more onerous, and while we see new business and storytelling opportunities with digital video and OTT, they do not require the daily publishing of a website,” Sinclair said in the statement.

Circa was originally started as an app in 2012 and shut down in 2015 for financial reasons before being picked up and relaunched by Sinclair the following year.

The platform garnered video and other material from Sinclair’s roughly 170 local affiliates to promote coverage on an array of topics, including politics, lifestyle and entertainment.