CNN reporter stomps 'nightmare' lizard during live report

CNN reporter stomps 'nightmare' lizard during live report

CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip stomped on a lizard attempting to climb on her on Friday, a scenario she later called "literally my nightmare" during a live report on the network's morning program.

The lizard attack occurred while Phillip, reporting from West Palm Beach, Fla., joined CNN anchors Chris CuomoChristopher (Chris) Charles CuomoTrump takes shot at Cuomo's brother ahead of Oval Office meeting Buttigieg: It was 'disgraceful' to hear Trump's attacks on Romney Media's selective outrage exposed in McSally-Raju kerfuffle MORE and Alisyn Camerota during a panel discussion early Friday morning to discuss the Mueller report.


"Abby, what was that?" asked Cuomo in halting the discussion after Abby appeared to be rattled.

"There was a lizard climbing on me. Sorry," Phillip replied.

"What was climbing on you?" Camerota asked.

"A Komodo dragon," Cuomo joked before later adding, "Abby, did you just stomp out a lizard on live television?"

"Sorry. That just happened on live television," Phillip replied.

"Is that lizard OK? You handled that very well," Cuomo said.

"I don't think it's OK, but I'm fine. At least it wasn't an alligator," Phillip said.

Phillip later shared the "nightmare" experience in a tweet to her nearly 200,000 followers.


CNN's Betsy Klein, who was with Phillip, later confirmed as an eyewitness that "the lizard is fine, it slithered off unscathed."