Police in Northern Ireland warn of 'new breed' of terrorists after journalist's killing

Police in Northern Ireland warn of 'new breed' of terrorists after journalist's killing
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Police in Northern Ireland on Saturday warned of a "new breed" of terrorist after the killing of journalist Lyra McKee in violent riots Thursday.  

“What we’re seeing is a new breed of terrorist coming through the ranks,” Chief detective Jason Murphy said while speaking to reporters. “That for me is a very worrying situation.”

Officer leading the hunt for killer of Lyra McKee says a 'new breed' of terrorist is operating in Northern Irelandhttps://t.co/K798yAN4Jv pic.twitter.com/Y2j7LKcAgF

Authorities believe that McKee was killed by a stray bullet aimed a police, according to the Associated Press. One person is believed to have actually fired the shot but with the backing of an organization. 


Two men aged 18 and 19 were arrested Saturday in connection with McKee's death under the Terrorism Act. Police previously said they were investigating the matter as a terrorist incident and blamed the militant New Irish Republican Army group. 

McKee was reportedly trying to record the rioting in Derry when she was struck by the bullet. She specialized in covering conflict in Northern Ireland. She wrote a book about disappearances that occurred during a period of violent unrest in Northern Ireland. Her work has also appeared in BuzzFeed News  and The Atlantic.

She is the first reporter killed in the country since 2001, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

She has also advocated for LGBT rights in Northern Ireland and published a letter to her 14-year-old self called “Kid, It’s going to be okay,”  where she detailed her struggle with her sexuality.