Meghan McCain: Bernie Sanders supporting prisoners being able to vote 'bat s--- insane'

Meghan McCain: Bernie Sanders supporting prisoners being able to vote 'bat s--- insane'

ABC's Meghan McCain teed off on Sen. Bernie SandersBernie SandersOcasio-Cortez's 2nd grade teacher tells her 'you've got this' ahead of DNC speech Trump and allies grapple with how to target Harris Chris Wallace: Kamala Harris 'not far to the left despite what Republicans are gonna try to say' MORE (I-Vt.) for supporting the idea of allowing felons such as Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to vote while in prison, calling the idea "bat shit insane" and "deeply offensive to the bombing victims" in a Tuesday tweet.

"The man who commit one of the most massive acts of terrorism in this country where 3 people were killed and 264 were injured should have the same voting rights I do? All democrats have to do is not be crazy and this is bat shit insane and deeply offensive to the bombing victims," McCain, a co-host of "The View," wrote on Twitter. 

"No one who thinks literal terrorists deserve the right to vote has any business leading our country. Full stop," she also tweeted.


“I think I have written many 30-second opposition ads throughout my life,” Sanders said of potential criticism following his comments on Monday night. “This will be just another one.”

McCain was reacting to Sanders's comments during a CNN town hall on Monday night that voting rights should be preserved "even for terrible people" like Tsarnaev, who carried out the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people and injured hundreds.

“If somebody commits a serious crime, sexual assault, murder, they’re going to be punished,” Sanders said. “They may be in jail for 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, their whole lives. That’s what happens when you commit a serious crime."

"But I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy," he continued. "Yes, even for terrible people. Because once you start chipping away and you say, 'Well, that guy committed a terrible crime, not going to let him vote. Well, that person did that. Not going to let that person vote,' you're running down a slippery slope," Sanders said in response to a question about restoring felons' voting rights.