Meghan McCain on Pelosi-Trump feud: 'Put this crap aside' and 'work together for America'

Meghan McCain blamed both sides for the heightened vitriol in Washington in recent days between Democratic leaders and President Trump, with the "The View" co-host declaring "we have to put this crap aside" to "work together for America" during Thursday's episode of the ABC opinion show. 

The commentary from the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) comes after Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Trump's family should stage an "intervention" after he threw what she described as a "temper tantrum" at an Oval Office meeting Wednesday that was originally planned to discuss infrastructure. The president denied the claim while saying he won't be able to negotiate with Democrats until all "phony investigations" into his administration are ceased. 

"I don't understand why Nancy Pelosi was talking about [Trump] engaging in a cover-up before a meeting, I don't know why he took the meeting," McCain said. "It's the worst kind of party posturing on both sides. Joe Biden's message of working with the other side is looking really good to me. America can do so much better than this."


Co-host Joy Behar called McCain's criticism of Pelosi "a bunch of baloney" when compared to the way Republicans treated President Obama. 


"I don't really appreciate this false equivalency," Behar said. "Let's not forget that Mitch McConnell famously said - let's remind everybody, when Obama got into office, his main objective was to obstruct Obama. This business of Nancy Pelosi is just as bad as he is is a bunch of baloney, in my opinion."


"As long as you demonize all Republicans, even the spirit of what you just said makes me not want to have a conversation with you," McCain said. "We have to put this crap aside, all of us here at 'The View' as well, and politicians in D.C."


"At a certain point, we have to work together for America," the former Fox News host added. "I, for one, am sick of party politics and what happened in the past. There's blame everywhere all around." 


Big-tickets items such as infrastructure and immigration appear to be put on hold as rising talk of impeachment continues to grip Washington.