George Will: Young people now consider GOP 'the dumb party'

Conservative columnist and author George Will told CNBC on Thursday that young people consider the Republican Party "the dumb party" while warning that the GOP is "doing its very best to drive them away permanently"

The perspective comes after Will was asked to respond to a recent piece by New York Times columnist David Brooks that warned of a "coming GOP apocalypse" as younger adults leave the party.

“I think David Brooks is late to the apocalypse,” Will told CNBC's Kelly Evans. “I think it’s already happened. In fact, young people have made up their mind about the Republican Party, that it’s kind of the dumb party.”


Will, who is promoting his latest book, "The Conservative Sensibility," also argued younger voters may hold "warm views" of socialism but added "they're uninformed at this point" on the ideology.

“These are the same young people who say they have warm feelings about socialism, but all they mean by that is that socialism means everyone being sociable and nice to one another. They haven’t thought it through," Will said. "Because the same people who are suspicious, who like socialism, are suspicious of government, so I think that they’re uninformed at this point. But the Republican Party is doing its very best to drive them away permanently.”

Last week, Will called the GOP a "cult" of President TrumpDonald John TrumpObama slams Trump in Miami: 'Florida Man wouldn't even do this stuff' Trump makes his case in North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin Pence's chief of staff tests positive for COVID-19 MORE while contending the party is suffering from an "absence of ideas."

"It has become a cult," Will told MSNBC on June 5.

"It has become a cult because of an absence of ideas. Because they have jettisoned the ideas for years, decades, all the 20th century almost. Conservatives said, 'We're for free trade.' Trump said, 'By the way, you're not anymore.' And they said, 'OK, we're not for free trade anymore.' Or they pretend to be."