Mad Magazine won't appear on newsstands after August issue: report

Mad Magazine won't appear on newsstands after August issue: report
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Mad Magazine will no longer be available on newsstands and will not be creating new content after the release of its August issue, CNN reported on Thursday

The 67-year-old comedic publication will reportedly still be available in comic book stores and through subscriptions.

According to CNN, the magazine will reprint previously published material with new covers. Mad Magazine will still publish its end-of-year special along with books and special collections.


Mad Magazine was founded in 1952, and was originally written as a comic book before it transitioned to a magazine. The publication specialized in satire pieces on politics, culture, entertainment and other issues. 

Allie Goertz, the former editor of Mad Magazine, tweeted that "while there will be no new material after issue #10, @MADmagazine is not gone. I find it deeply sad to learn that there will be no new content, but knowing history repeats itself, I have no doubt that the vintage pieces will be highly (if not tragically) relevant."

Goertz added "MAD is an institution with such a rich history. It informed just about every comedian and writer I (and probably you) look up to."

Musician "Weird Al" Yankovic, who served as Mad's first guest editor in 2015, tweeted that he was "profoundly sad" over the news.

Mad is part of the DC Comics group.