Fox's Ed Henry announces he is donating part of his liver to his sister

Fox News host Ed Henry made an emotional announcement Sunday morning on "Fox & Friends Weekend," telling viewers that he will donate a portion of his liver to his younger sister, Colleen. 

Henry shared his decision through tears, saying his sister is "happy, that's all I want to do."

In an op-ed for Fox News he said he hopes by sharing his decision it will inspire others and bring awareness to those in need. 


His main goal, though, is to help his younger sister. 

"But believe me, I am not trying to paint this as some grand plan to revolutionize organ donations in America. My goal is much simpler: I am determined to do whatever I can to give my sister the greatest gift of all, which quite simply is life," he wrote. 

Henry said his surgery will take place on Tuesday. 

As he explained Sunday on "Fox & Friends," 30 percent of the donor's liver is taken during the procedure. The portion of the liver grows to 100 percent in the recipient, and the remaining 70 percent of the donor's liver fully generates, too. 

"You read that right. Colleen and I could each have our own healthy livers – from one liver – in just over a month. It is nothing short of a medical marvel, and yet doctors in this great country called America perform these miracles pretty frequently," Henry wrote. 

Henry also thanked Fox News executives, who allowed him the time to go through the rigorous donor approval process. 

"They were asking me to do all kinds of things...And you want to do your job but you're running out to the hospital to take another blood test," Henry explained on air. 

"And she was like go help your sister," Henry said, referring to Suzanne Scott, CEO of Fox News. 

Henry said the liver problem facing his sister his hereditary, but the donor screening showed he is not at risk. 

"My sister unfortunately got it through no fault of her own, so I want to help," Henry said.