UK tennis star accuses reporter of 'patronizing' her

British tennis star Johanna Konta characterized a reporter as "patronizing" and questions he posed to her as "disrespectful" after her quarterfinal loss to unseeded Barbora Strycova at Wimbledon on Tuesday.

The complaints against the unidentified reporter came after he asked how Konta, currently the top-ranked player in Britain, "perhaps could have done better" following her 7-6, 6-1 loss to 33-year-old Strycova, the Czech player ranked 54th in the world.

In a video of the interaction, the reporter can be heard asking Konta if she doesn’t “have to look at yourself a little bit, about how you coped” during some key points in the match.


The 28-year-old player then responded: “Is that in your professional tennis opinion?"

"No, that's just as a watching spectator with everyone else on Centre Court willing you on," the reporter replied.

"I don't think you need to pick on me in a harsh way," Konta said.

"I think I'm very open with you guys," she continued. "I say how I feel out there. If you don't want to accept that answer or you don't agree with it, that's fine. I still believe in the tennis that I play. I still believe in the way I competed."

"I'm just asking you, as somebody who presumably wants to go on from here, learn from this, win a Grand Slam one day. Is it not something..." the reporter continued, before Konta cut him off.

"Please don't patronize me.... In the way you're asking your question, you're being quite disrespectful and you're patronizing me," Konta added, after the reporter continued to press her on what went wrong. "I'm a professional competitor who did her best today, and that's all there is to that."

American Serena Williams, 37, moved on to the semifinals with a win on Tuesday. She will face Strycova in the semifinals.

--Updated 1:00 p.m.