Megan Rapinoe reveals what she'd say to fans who are Trump supporters

“What do you tell a Trump supporter who loves watching you? And is like, ‘I wish she’d go to the White House’?” NBC's Chuck ToddCharles (Chuck) David ToddArkansas governor: 'I'd like to see a better way' to procure medical equipment US emergency room doctor dies after coronavirus symptoms Biden on quarantine timelines: 'Worst thing you can do is raise expectations and then watch them get dashed' MORE asked the U.S. women's national team star during an interview on Sunday.

“I think that I would, you know, try to share our message,” Rapinoe said. “Do you believe, you know, that all people are created equal? Do you believe that equal pay should be mandated? Do you believe that everyone should have health care? Do you believe that we should treat everyone with respect?”
“I think those are the basics of what we’re talking about,” she added.
Rapinoe has been an outspoken critic of Trump, saying last month that she wouldn't visit the "f---ing White House" if the team were invited after the World Cup. She has also been vocal about gay rights and the fight for equal pay, following her team's equal pay lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation.
Speaking to Todd, Rapinoe acknowledged that her Trump-supporting fans feel she has demonstrated "disrespect" with her past comments and her decision to protest during the national anthem, but said she will "continue to be vulnerable and be honest and be open."

"I think Trump's message excludes people that look like me and that are me, of course, but it excludes a lot of people in his base as well," she said. "And I think that he's trying to divide so he can conquer, not unite so we can all conquer."
The U.S. went on to capture its second straight World Cup two weeks after Rapinoe's White House comment, which quickly went viral online.
Todd also pressed Rapinoe on what she plans to do next, asking the athlete if she would ever run for office.

Rapinoe replied that she plans to continue playing soccer.
"I'm not sure I'm qualified for office," she said. 

"There's no qualifications for office these days," Todd responded. 

"Well, yeah, that's true. Up to 44 [President Obama] I guess there was," Rapinoe agreed. "You know what? I'm going to fight for equal pay every day for myself, for my team and for every single person out there, man, woman, immigrant, U.S. citizen, person of color, whatever it may be. 'Equal pay,' as the great Serena Williams said, 'Until I'm in my grave.' "