NYT newsroom faces evidence of bedbug infiltration

NYT newsroom faces evidence of bedbug infiltration
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The New York Times said it had found evidence of bedbugs in its newsroom and has employed professional cleaners to sweep the affected areas.

"All affected areas have already been treated," newspaper spokeswoman Danielle Rhoades Ha told The Hill in a statement Monday.

She also confirmed the veracity of a note sent to newsroom employees about the situation that was published by Slate


The note to employees said that evidence of bedbugs had been found in a wellness room on the second floor, a couch on the third floor and a booth on the fourth floor.

"These specific areas were then swept by professionals and found to be otherwise clean," the internal note said, adding that action had also been taken in the specific areas, including the removal of the couch so that it could be treated and cleaned professionally.

It also said that potential bedbug activity was found in some personal lockers.  

"We continue to monitor the situation and, as a precaution, we intend to sweep all New York Times-occupied floors," the note said. 

An editor at the paper also tweeted about the possible bedbugs.