ABC reporter: 'It's pure hell' in Dorian-devastated Bahamas

ABC News reporter Marcus Moore said during a report Sunday night that Hurricane Dorian has inflicted "absolute devastation" on the Bahamas, calling the situation "pure hell" as the powerful storm stalled over the islands.

“I have seen utter devastation here in Marsh Harbour with no way out,” Moore said on "World News Tonight."


“The storm surge has taken over the terrain. Absolute devastation. There really are no words; it’s pure hell here," he continued.

“We heard that these would be Category 5 winds, and the meteorologists, officials and experts were right," Moore added.

Moore is one of only a few national reporters on the ground in the Bahamas.

At least five people have been killed there as a result of the storm.

The National Hurricane Center said late Tuesday morning that Dorian appears to finally be moving away from the Bahamas.

"Dorian finally moving northwestward and growing in size," reads the latest update from the center. "Dangerous winds and life-threatening storm surge continues on Grand Bahama Island."

The hurricane, with sustained winds of 110 mph, had barely moved in almost 24 hours, according to The Associated Press, which added Tuesday morning that Dorian was centered approximately 25 miles northeast of Freeport.