CNN's Sellers gets emotional over daughter's life-saving organ transplant: '90 days were hell'

CNN political analyst Bakari Sellers broke down in tears during a live segment on the network Thursday morning regarding his daughter's recent life-saving organ transplant, saying the "90 days were hell" while stressing the importance of living organ donors.

Sellers, a former Democratic South Carolina state representative, joined CNN's "New Day" to discuss his ordeal regarding his daughter, Sadie, who suffers from a rare liver condition.


"It's tough," Sellers told anchor John Berman while fighting back tears. "Sadie's a strong girl. And we're just very thankful. And thankful for [CNN President] Jeff [Zucker] and everyone at CNN. And my law firm. It's just been a community effort.

"My hope is that other families — those 90 days were hell to be honest with you. But my wife is extremely strong and raised a strong daughter," Sellers continued. "Now we’re just paving the way for Sadie to be the next President of the United States."


There are currently 120,000 people are waiting for organ transplants, according to Berman.

Sellers confirmed that his daughter, who was born in January, is doing well following surgery.