Robert De Niro on criticism he gets from Fox News for Trump opposition: 'F--- 'em'

Robert De Niro on Sunday dismissed the criticism he’s received from Fox News over his outspoken opposition to President TrumpDonald TrumpGrant Woods, longtime friend of McCain and former Arizona AG, dies at 67 Super PACs release ad campaign hitting Vance over past comments on Trump Glasgow summit raises stakes for Biden deal MORE, bluntly saying, "F--- 'em."

De Niro made the comments on CNN’s "Reliable Sources" after host Brian Stelter asked the actor whether he thinks Trump is "performing."

"In some ways, I think he is ... as I think some of these pundits on Fox are too," De Niro replied. "I can’t believe that they would actually buy into this craziness. This guy should not be president. Period."

Stelter noted that De Niro has faced pushback from Fox News personalities for making similar comments, to which De Niro responded, "F--- 'em."

"F--- 'em," he said again before apologizing for using explicit language. 

The comment prompted Stelter to quickly interject and question why De Niro decided to use profanity. 

"This is cable, so it’s not an [Federal Communications Commission] violation, but it is still a Sunday morning," Stelter said. "Why do you choose to go that way?"


"We are at a moment in this country where this guy is like a gangster," De Niro responded. "He’s said things, done things. We say over and over again, 'This is terrible. We’re in a terrible situation.' We’re in a terrible situation, and this guy keeps going on and on and on without being stopped."

Stelter threw to a commercial immediately following the remarks. 

De Niro has vociferously criticized Trump and the Republican Party throughout the president's two-plus years in the White House. The famed actor gained widespread attention last year after shouting, "F--- Trump" from the stage of the Tony Awards. 

“I’m going to say one thing: ‘F--- Trump,’” he said, prompting a standing ovation from the crowd. “It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump.' It’s ‘F--- Trump.’”

While speaking at the American Icon Awards in March, he suggested that impeaching and imprisoning Trump would "make America great again." The remarks prompted a response from Fox News host Sean HannitySean Patrick HannityBiden's safe-space CNN town hall attracts small audience, as poll numbers plummet Meghan McCain: 'SNL' parodies made me feel like 'laughing stock of the country' Biden giving stiff-arm to press interviews MORE, who knocked De Niro as a "has-been actor who has too much time on his hands." 

Trump has also shot back at De Niro over his criticism. In June 2018, the president denounced De Niro as a "very low IQ individual" who may be "punch drunk." 

A Fox News spokesperson in a brief statement to The Hill questioned why Stelter didn't apologize over De Niro's remarks.