CNN legal analyst: Impeachment 'looking like a fast train to acquittal in the Senate'

CNN legal analyst Ross Garber said Tuesday that the impeachment process against President Trump is "looking like a fast train to acquittal" in the Senate. 

"This is, I think, not a real effort to remove the president. The Democrats are moving these articles through. They know it has little or no shot of going anywhere in the Senate," Garber told "CNN Newsroom."

"I've been saying, 'Take a look at the actual issues here,' " he continued. "'Do a real investigation.' And this notion by [House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam] Schiff that he didn't have time to go to court, I think, is just nonsense."

"We do have this rushed impeachment process, which is looking like a fast train to acquittal in the Senate," Garber later concluded.

The perspective comes as House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

A vote on the articles by the House Judiciary Committee is expected this week before the process moves to the full House for a vote. A simple majority vote is needed in the Democrat-controlled House to move to the Senate.

A two-thirds vote would be needed to convict the president in the Republican-controlled Senate.