Comedians post fake Army recruitment posters featuring Trump Jr.

Two comedians this week posted fake U.S. Army recruitment ads that depict Donald Trump Jr. encouraging people to enlist, while noting that he won’t be joining them.

The posters, which were pasted on windows at an Armed Forces Career Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., show a picture of the president’s eldest son with the quote, “I’m not enlisting, but you should.”

The stunt came from a comedy duo known as The Good Liars, comprised of Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler. The posters were unveiled amid increased hostilities between the U.S. and Iran. Leaders in both countries have since ratcheted down tensions.

“Hopefully we aren’t going to war, but if we did, we know one guy who won’t enlist,” the pair wrote in their Instagram caption.

“In the wake of Trump’s latest reckless foreign policy actions that could very easily result in more and more troops being sent to the Middle East, we thought the public deserved a reminder of who the Trumps are,” Selvig and Stiefler told HuffPost.

Other antics from the duo include placing Putin merchandise inside Trump Tower, with an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin that reads, “45th President of The United States.”

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