Fox's Peter Doocy: Impeachment 'almost never' comes up among Iowa Democratic voters

Fox's Peter Doocy: Impeachment 'almost never' comes up among Iowa Democratic voters
© Courtesy of Peter Doocy
"Impeachment comes up almost never," Doocy said in a phone interview Saturday when asked how often the topic comes up with voters in the Hawkeye State. "We sent all of our campaign embed reporters out with cameras to different campaign events and they all asked as many Iowans as they could, 'Will the impeachment process have any real bearing on who you're going to support?' And I think about one person out of 20 said that it would."
"They don't want to hear anything else about it," he added. "They want to hear about health care. They want to hear about immigration. They want to hear about their Social Security benefits more than impeachment."
An analysis of state polling last month found that the top issues among voters were health care, climate change and education, according to the Des Moines Register.
Closing arguments in Trump's impeachment trial are slated for Monday, with final votes on the two articles of impeachment scheduled for Wednesday. Trump is largely expected to be acquitted by the Senate, where Republicans hold a 53-47 majority. Sixty-seven votes are required for conviction.
But before then, Iowa is holding its caucuses Monday, marking the first nominating contest of the 2020 presidential race.
"The thing that Sanders has going for him that isn't talked about much is that he was the fundraising leader in the fourth quarter nationally," Doocy notes. "He is now a polling leader in many surveys recently taken. And he also owns the biggest crowds in Iowa. He certainly does have a very meaningful base of Democrats here who are going to be with him."
Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sanders hold a slim lead in a last-minute poll of Iowa Democratic voters released Monday, showing a close-fought race just hours before the caucus doors open.
Doocy, 32, joined Fox News in 2009 as a general assignment reporter. His father, Steve Doocy, has been a co-host of "Fox & Friends" since 1998.