Reagan's daughter slams Trump: We risk 'forgetting what the presidency is supposed to be'

Reagan's daughter slams Trump: We risk 'forgetting what the presidency is supposed to be'
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Patti Davis, a daughter of the late President Reagan, bashed President TrumpDonald TrumpFormer New York state Senate candidate charged in riot Trump called acting attorney general almost daily to push election voter fraud claim: report GOP senator clashes with radio caller who wants identity of cop who shot Babbitt MORE in a new column, writing that "he may very well be destroying more than we can ever rebuild."

Davis contrasts the leadership of her father's administration to Trump's, writing for the Daily Beast that, "We run the risk, it seems to me, of forgetting what the presidency is supposed to be."

"We will never save this democracy until we remember what it feels like to have as our president someone who puts democracy above personal, selfish interests," she adds.


She also argues that Trump's colleagues work in "fear" of the president, writing, "Almost on a daily basis now, we hear about how frightened people are of Donald Trump—Republican Senators, people working in the White House in various capacities."

"They fear his wrath and his insatiable appetite for revenge," she said.

Davis recalls her father once explaining to her why Jewish people in concentration camps did not try to overthrow Nazi soldiers, even though the prisoners outnumbered the guards. She writes that Reagan told her that the prisoners were afraid and that anything can be done when people are frightened.

In the past, Davis has been vocal about her disapproval of Trump.

Last summer, she wrote a Washington Post op-ed saying that her father would never have stood for Trump's attacks on the press and media.