Scarborough defends 'MyPillow guy' appearance at coronavirus briefing: 'I salute him' for making masks


MSNBC's Joe ScarboroughCharles (Joe) Joseph ScarboroughScarborough calls on Cuomo to walk back statement he made about Trump: 'Out of bounds' Mika Brzezinski: 'Super grossed out' by Trump speech attendees 'who put their lives at risk' Democrats tear into Trump's 'deep state' tweet: His 'lies and recklessness' have 'killed people' MORE on Tuesday defended the appearance of MyPillow founder Mike Lindell at a coronavirus task force meeting on Monday, with the "Morning Joe" host praising the businessman for refocusing much of his company's production to make 50,000 masks for health care workers amid the coronavirus crisis.

"Everybody was attacking this MyPillow guy," Scarborough said of the reaction to Lindell's short remarks at Monday's briefing from the Rose Garden at the White House. "Here’s my thought: If you’re going to make 50,000 masks and give them to doctors and nurses on the front lines in New York City, I’m fine with you going up."

"Say whatever you want to say," the former GOP congressman added of Lindell, who is a vocal supporter of President TrumpDonald John TrumpNew Biden campaign ad jabs at Trump's reported 0 income tax payments Ocasio-Cortez: Trump contributed less in taxes 'than waitresses and undocumented immigrants' Third judge orders Postal Service to halt delivery cuts MORE. "Just get the masks to the people on the front line, and we as Americans should salute anybody doing that. I’m not making 50,000 masks. If I had the capability of making 50,000 masks, I’d like to make 50,000 masks. I can’t. That guy can. I salute him."  


"If Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow, takes 75 percent of his manufacturing ability right now, God bless him," co-host Willie Geist added. "If he wants to help, I’m all for it."    

Lindell's appearance sparked an uproar from some on social media, with critics mocking it as a public relations stunt and others lauding Lindell's efforts.