CBS News correspondent Major Garrett launches new coronavirus podcast 'Debriefing the briefing'

CBS News correspondent Major Garrett launches new coronavirus podcast 'Debriefing the briefing'
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CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett has launched a new podcast, “Debriefing the Briefing," which will focus on the White House coronavirus task force briefings.

The podcast, which airs weeknights at 9 p.m., comes as the daily briefing has generated large audiences with many Americans stuck at home. 

“Not everyone can listen to or watch all of the briefing. But people want to know what is happening,” Garrett said in an email to The Hill. “Here they can find key developments and perspectives from experts and CBS News correspondents. This podcast is another way to provide fact-based reporting and context that the American public is craving during this critical time.”


The briefings have come under criticism from critics who say Trump has used the daily press sessions as campaign commercials. CNN and MSNBC have both cut away from the briefings, and have told viewers that they are seeking to show the most relevant and newsworthy portions.

Garrett said the briefing sometimes "wanders."

“The briefing is a straight-up news event. But it goes long and sometimes wanders. We wanted to distill, add perspective and bring in top experts to help people learn and understand what happened on any given day," Garrett said.

Other CBS News journalists and experts, including CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy and CBS News medical contributor David Agus, have provided analysis and context along with Garrett. 

"If we do that after each briefing, my team will be honored and pleased. We hope the audience will be informed and reassured by facts," he said.

Garrett, 57, joined CBS News as its chief White House correspondent in 2012.