Veteran CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller included in layoffs: report

Veteran CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller included in layoffs: report
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Veteran White House correspondent Mark Knoller has reportedly been laid off by CBS News, promoting reactions of lament from journalists across the media spectrum.

Knoller, who has been at CBS News for 32 years, primarily reporting for CBS News Radio, wrote in a tweet that he's still with the organization "for the time being."

"Thanks to all for the many kind words. Much appreciated. For the time being, I'm still on the job, still keeping count on the president. Will see what happens. Thanks again," Knoller wrote on Twitter to his more than 335,000 followers.

A CBS News spokesperson directed The Hill back to Knoller's tweet when reached for comment. Knoller's layoff was reported on Twitter by New York Magazine and HuffPost contributor Yashar Ali.


Knoller has won universal respect in the journalism world for his objectivity. He's also been referred to as a "human encyclopedia" known for counting certain aspects of each presidency.

A 2013 profile in the Washingtonian captured Knoller's photographic mind thusly:

"'Mark, when was President Obama’s last full news conference?' asks a reporter from Reuters working on a deadline.


“'March 6, 2012,' Knoller says without looking up from his computer screen as he updates his Twitter feed. 'It was 44 minutes long. It was in the briefing room.'”

His career covering presidents spans back to the Ford administration when he reported for The Associated Press.

Journalists and former administration officials praised Knoller as news spread of his impending departure from CBS News.