LeBron James raises $100 million for new media company

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NBA star LeBron James and agent Maverick Carter have raised $100 million in an effort to launch a media company featuring African American content creators geared toward the community.

James and Carter, who doubles as the Los Angeles Lakers star’s business partner, launched their business, called Springhill Co., shortly before the coronavirus pandemic essentially shut down the country in March.

“When we talk about storytelling, we want to be able to hit home, to hit a lot of homes where they feel like they can be a part of that story. And they feel like, Oh, you know what? I can relate to that. It’s very organic to our upbringing,” James told Bloomberg.

“When you grow up in a place like where we were, no matter how talented you are, if you don’t even know that other things exist, there’s no way for you to ever feel empowered because you’re like, I’m confined to this small world. That’s our duty. A lot of exposure,” Carter added.

Included in Springhill’s offerings will be a sequel to Michael Jordan’s “Space Jam,” with James taking the starring role this time around.

The pair adds that the media company will deliver Disney-like storytelling with the “coolness” of Nike and the social impact of Patagonia, per Bloomberg.


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