SiriusXM announces five-year extension of 'The Howard Stern Show'

SiriusXM announces five-year extension of 'The Howard Stern Show'
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SiriusXM will remain home to "The Howard Stern Show" for another five years, it announced on Tuesday.

The premium satellite and online radio platform signed an extension to Stern's exclusive contract and will also maintain the rights to his audio and video archives for an additional seven years, Variety reported.

During his Tuesday show, Stern lauded the satellite radio platform compared with his previous experience, saying, "despite the naysayers and the ridicule, we have persevered, and are thriving."


"Fifteen years ago, I joined SiriusXM, a fledgling group of broadcasters. I had been in a toxic relationship with terrestrial radio. And no matter how well I treated the medium, no matter how successful I made them, they abused me. Going to SiriusXM liberated me. I felt like Tina Turner freeing myself from Ike," Stern said while announcing the news.

Jim Meyer, CEO of SiriusXM, commended Stern's run on the platform in a statement to Variety.

"As the leading audio entertainment company, we couldn't be happier to have Howard, the leading host in all of radio and audio, continue to make SiriusXM the home for his show, channels, and archives while at the peak of his broadcasting career," Meyer said.

Stern also thanked his morning radio crew and co-host Robin Quivers for their support during the past years of the show's run.

"Our next five years together will be incredible. Join the party,” he added.