CNN not renewing Joan Walsh's contract

CNN contributor Joan Walsh confirmed on Monday that CNN was not renewing her contract. 

Walsh, a familiar face on cable news who has been with CNN since 2018, released a statement on her contract ending to journalist Yashar Ali after two CNN sources told him she would not return to the network.

“I’m grateful to CNN for the opportunity,” she said in her statement to Ali. “Nobody is promised a decade of paid TV commentary. Arguably, nobody deserves it! I am certainly willing to contribute to my friends’ shows on MSNBC and on CNN too when I’m right for the topic.”


Walsh retweeted Ali’s tweet that included her statement, saying, “Well, since it's out: What I told Yashar is what I feel.”

“I'll still see you all around,” she posted. “But not before the New Year! I'm taking time off with my family this time around.”

In a follow-up tweet, Walsh said, “Love to all of you reaching out publicly and privately. I’ll be fine -- especially with friends like you.”


CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Several high-profile people tweeted in support of Walsh, including MSNBC’s Joy Reid and columnist E. Jean Carroll, who said Walsh will be “BETTER than ‘fine.’”

About three years ago, Walsh received the news that her contract at MSNBC would not be renewed after she had worked at the network for 12 years. She announced the news over Twitter and hours later said she was moving to CNN, calling it a “Christmas miracle.”