Former LSU coach was barred from contacting female students after 2013 investigation: report

Former LSU coach was barred from contacting female students after 2013 investigation: report
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Louisiana State University (LSU) barred its former head football coach Les Miles from being alone with student employees following the findings of an internal investigative report, according to USA Today

Miles, who is currently the head coach at the University of Kansas, was accused of texting female LSU students, taking them to his empty condo and making them feel uncomfortable, according to the report. On one occasion, a female student alleged that Miles kissed her and suggested that they get a hotel room together. 

According to USA Today, Miles was also accused of stipulating that student employees who helped the football team had to look a certain way: blonde, fit and attractive. Student employees who did not fit this mold were given fewer work hours or fired, according to the investigative report. 


The investigation, conducted by the law firm Taylor Porter in 2013, did not find that Miles had a sexual relationship with any of the students but did find his behavior inappropriate.

Miles, who won a national championship with the Tigers in 2007, denied the allegations at the time

Following the investigation, LSU ordered the former coach to stop hiring student employees to babysit, stop being in settings alone with them and attend eight counseling sessions with an attorney paid for with his own money, according to the paper. Three years after the investigation, Miles was terminated amid a disappointing season for the Tigers. 

USA Today was the first to unveil the allegations against Miles when the newspaper sued LSU for the record in January. 

A lawyer for Miles said that the former LSU coach still denies the accusations. 

"Release of the Taylor Porter Report should put an end to the baseless, inaccurate media reports that Coach Les Miles engaged in an inappropriate touching of an Athletic Department student volunteer eight years ago," Peter Ginsberg said in a statement, according to the newspaper.

A University of Kansas spokesman told The Hill in a Thursday statement that "due to the ongoing litigation" the school was not provided a copy of the report "prior to its publication in the USA Today article."

"We are in the process of reviewing the 34-page document. We are also aware that LSU is issuing an additional report tomorrow, and we will wait to comment further until we have reviewed both documents," the Kansas spokesman said.

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