The New York Times agrees to dismiss case against Time 100 events

The New York Times agrees to dismiss case against Time 100 events
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The New York Times has agreed to dismiss its lawsuit against Time after accusing the outlet of infringing on the Times's name in its new digital series, Time100.

“We're pleased to have reached this outcome, which allows Time100 Talks to coexist with TimesTalks in a way that won't cause confusion among readers, which was our primary consideration,” a spokesperson for the Times told The Hill, referring to Time's and The New York Times's respective projects.

The Times agreed to dismiss the case it started in November with prejudice so the outlet cannot go after Time in the future, Yahoo Finance reported.


The lawsuit was over the name “Time100 Talks” that Time used for its new digital series that started in April. The Times alleged that was an infringement on the name “TimesTalk,” which is a series the Times has hosted since 1999.

It is unclear what the agreement was that the outlets came to and if Time will continue with the name “Time100 Talks.”

The agreement was made in February, according to Yahoo Finance.

The New York Times has the right to “Talks” trademarked and said in the lawsuit that Time should have picked another word because the titles are too similar. 

Time was still posting with the name “Time100 Talks” in February.

Time said it had no comment on the case.

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