Limbaugh syndicator to continue airing archival footage, guest hosts

Limbaugh syndicator to continue airing archival footage, guest hosts
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Rush Limbaugh's syndicated radio talk show will go on with a series of guest hosts airing archived episodes following the conservative host's death earlier this year.

Premiere Networks told USA Today on Tuesday that it would continue a practice that began during Limbaugh's absences for cancer treatments, in which guest hosts introduce listeners to various clips of Limbaugh opining on the issues of the day.

“No one can replace Rush Limbaugh, and Premiere Networks will continue to provide millions of loyal listeners with the voice of Rush for the long term,” said a spokeswoman.


The show has reportedly seen little change in audience size following Limbaugh's death in February, with many loyal listeners eager to hear the conservative icon's views, even if new content was no longer available.

Limbaugh's death came at the end of a 31-year career in talk radio and a show that reached more than 15 million listeners at its peak. He publicly disclosed his diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer last year, and began taking absences from the program as he sought treatment.

"One thing that I know that has happened over the 31-plus years of this program is that there has been an incredible bond that had developed between all of you and me," Limbaugh told his listeners last year following his diagnosis.

The disclosure of his diagnosis came just a month after Limbaugh and Premiere Networks inked a "long-term" contract extension.