Hosts of ‘Fox & Friends’ describe feeling of ‘relief’ after vaccinations

All three hosts of “Fox & Friends” say they have been vaccinated, and described a feeling of relief after getting their shots. 

“I understand there are people that have vaccine hesitancy, but we all three are vaccinated,” said co-host Ainsley Earhardt on Monday’s show. “And I will tell you when I got it, it was OK —” 

“A relief,” chimed in co-host Steve Doocy. 

“Yeah,” Earhardt said. “Now I know I’m not gonna get it [coronavirus], I’m not going to die from it if I do get it. There’s a small percentage chance that you could get it.” 

Doocy added that it’s “the people who have not gotten the shot, which ultimately, they’re the ones in peril, they’re the ones …” 

“Making their own decisions,” interjected Brian Kilmeade, the show’s third co-host. 

“Here are the vaccines. We have all the states giving it back because they’ve almost reached capacity. If you make a decision, I totally have respect for that,” Kilmeade said. “Because with that decision comes the distancing you want to keep and if you have underlying conditions, that’s the risk you’re gonna take, so you go do it. We have an option; we took it.” 

Kilmeade said Americans are “lucky” to have access to a vaccine “anywhere you go in this country.” 

“If you don’t choose that, that’s OK. Just amend your life that way, let us get back to normal,” Kilmeade said. “And maybe you have the antibodies.” 

Earhardt and Doocy both followed up saying they agreed people have a right to make their own choices about whether to get a vaccine shot. 

President Biden and federal public health experts have called on all Americans to receive a full coronavirus inoculation in order for governments to ease public health orders and return life to normal. 

Some critics of Fox News have suggested the network has not done enough to combat vaccine hesitancy and called on top talent to take the vaccine publicly. 

Several top journalists and executives at the network, such as Bret Baier and Ruport Murdoch, have been vaccinated. Baier posted a photo of himself getting the shot last month. Host Greg Gutfeld said late last month he and all of his co-hosts on “The Five” have been vaccinated. 

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