Dave Chappelle on cancel culture: ‘I hope we all survive it’

Comedian Dave Chappelle said in a recent interview that he understands the change people are trying to bring through activism and accountability for celebrities and other prominent individuals, but decried so-called cancel culture for what he described as a lack of appreciation for the creative process in comedy and other forms of art.  

“I’m very lucky to be able to see people who are great at things up close,” Chappelle said during an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. “Even on this podcast … it’s one of the joys of my life getting to know these people and knowing and seeing them be human.” 

Artists and creators, he said, all “struggle with these things and bellyache about decisions but none of these people are contest winners. They all work very hard.” 

“I hope we all survive it,” Chappelle added. “That’s why that cancel culture shit bothers me. I’m not even opposed to the ideas behind some of these cancellations. I get it.” 

Rogan chimed in, saying “the inclination, all of it, is to make the world a better place,” before adding that the power of social media and public shaming has “gotten abused and misused by the wrong people and bad actors but at the end of the day the thing they think they’re trying to do is eliminate bad aspects of our culture.” 

Chappelle also said when he thinks about the problems facing the world, his children make him “very hopeful for the future.” 

During recent comedy specials, Chappelle has criticized cancel culture, joking the ears of his audiences have grown “too brittle.” 

“Everything you say upsets somebody,” he said during a stand-up special last year. 

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